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Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap...2)

Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap...2)
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Танилцуулга Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap...2)

Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to the hugely popular game Piano Tiles (Don't Tap the White Tile). New gameplay, first-class sound quality and a global competition mode give your fingers a fast paced thrill with the elegance of piano playing!

We are recruiting fans of Piano Tiles 2, please add our Google Hangouts: pianotiles2.en@gmail.com

·What's new in Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap The White Tile 2) :
Added login feature to enable synchronization of game data and competition with friends;
Brand-new gameplay;
Compete with players around the world;
New color scheme, multicolor instead of black and white;
Great new music, feel the pleasure of a professional pianist;
Share your piano performance with your loved ones;

·How To Play:
The rules are clear: just tap the black tiles to the music and avoid tapping anywhere else.
Try it out, enjoy the piano music, train your fingers to be faster, and see if you can beat your friends!

·Contact Us:
We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments! More improvements and new features are coming, so stay tuned!

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Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap...2) for Android official Trailer

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    Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap...2) Google Play

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    Android 4.0+

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Шинэчилсэн огноо: 23 Feb 2016

Үзүүлэлт: Android 4.0+

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