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Танилцуулга Retrica

“… if you’re looking for a new photo app that’s loaded with filters, Retrica is the one to download…” - Cnet
"For a simple but effective app that’s all about special filters, look no further than Retrica" - New York Times

*Ranked #1 Photography app in 65 countries, including England, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.
* Featured on the Google Play 606 times

Millions photos are taken daily with Retrica all around the world.

Over 250 million downloads
Color your everyday with Retrica

Retrica is a simple photo taking and sharing app with a near infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, social and secret sharing options. You can shoot the same moment a million ways and share it with the world, that special someone or anyone you want.

+ Unlimited Possibilities: 100+ real time filters with more than 20 layouts
+ Live Filters: Preview your photos before you snap.
+ Vignette: Add the Analog film look to your photo.
+ Collage: Turn your smartphone into your own photo booth. Grab a friend or two.
+ Stamp: You can decorate your photo with Retrica Stamp
+ Timer: Go handsfree and selfie stick free. Just set and pose.
+ Exposure: Set how much light to let in, just like a DSLR.
+ Social: Instantly upload to your favorite social media platforms.

Stay connected and receive the latest news on Retrica!

Website: http://retrica.co
Facebook: http://fb.com/Retrica
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Retricaapp

This app records precise location data into the EXIF data for JPEG photos users take. This allows users to review the location they have taken the photos in a very precise manner.

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    Get Retrica on Google Play

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    Android 4.0+

Retrica хувилбарын түүх
RetricaСанал болгох
Retrica 2.11.3 Android 4.0+ APK татах

Хувилбар: 2.11.3

Шинэчилсэн огноо: Feb 15 2016

Үзүүлэлт: Android 4.0+

Шинээр нэмэгдсэн: Thanks for using Retrica! We bring updates to Google Play regularly to constantly improve speed and reliability.

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